A privacy first on-device live caption and live text video player

Live Caption

Real-time voice recognition, it work like every video/audio have a builtin caption.

Mute Recognition

Even if the player is muted, subtitles can be generated in real-time.

Video Live Text

Copy text directly from the video when paused will help you take quick notes.

Caption Export

Export your captions to a file, and share them with others(>= 1.5 on macOS)(Beta Feature).

Without network requirement

In some places(Library, Coffeeshop) which has poor network condition, YPlayer can still work without a network.

Multi Platform Support

YPlayer is available on macbook, iPhone, iPad.

Multi Language Support

YPlayer live caption support Chinese, English, French, German,Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Privacy First

YPlayer leverages Apple's CoreML and Speech machine learning frameworks, Speech recognition is all done on local devices, and the APP itself does not actively upload any voice/video data.

# Demo Video

# YPlayer use case

  • Study in poor network place(Library, Coffeeshop etc)
  • Want to export subtitles inside video/audio for a quick skim.
  • Enjoy foreign language video/audio
  • hearing impaired people need to watch video without subtitles
  • ...

# How to Install

AppStore search yplayer
support iOS and macOS

# Usage Issues

# 1. Not working as expected

Step 1: check your network connection, YPlayer need to download language model ONLY for the first time.
Step 2: turn on "Dictation" (System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Dictation) Dictation


# Does It Need to pay twice for iOS and macOS?

Nope. If you purchase YPlayer, you can use it on both platforms.
To unlock Premium, click "Restore Purchase" in the second App.

# YPlayer support translation?

not yet, but in the long run, I plan to support it.

# Special Offer

The author deeply feels the difficulties faced by people with disabilities If BeMyEars is helpful to you, but the fee policy increases your cost of living too much.
Please send an email to yplayer@engineerdraft.com with a brief description of your situation, I may give you a special offer.

# Feedback and Support

Give feedback: yplayer@engineerdraft.com
Follow YPlayer: Twitter (opens new window)

# Acknowledgments

The birth of YPlayer would not have been possible without the support of the following open-source projects, and we would like to express our gratitude:

Project License
KeychainAccess (opens new window) MIT
Foil (opens new window) MIT
PreviewDevice (opens new window) MIT
SwiftUIBackports (opens new window) MIT
PopupView (opens new window) MIT
Next-gen Kaldi (opens new window) Apache-2.0