A lovely widget on your desktop

# Why I develop Lovely?

During coronavirus lockdown, I work remotely alone and feel deeply lonely, so I develop Lovely to make my life more vivid.

# How to setup Lovely?

Step 1: Download Lovely

Step 2: Open Lovely
Step 3: There is not step 3.


# Why not wallpaper?

Wallpaper is always under coverd.

# Can I show my favorite video?

Not support yet but in the roadmap.
You can use video to gif (opens new window) to convert video to gif.

# Hi Designer 🤝

I'm a indie developer who love to create and share. But I lack the skill of painting and design, if you love Lovely and want to show your graphic design on Lovely.
What I can offer to you.

  • App promo code
  • Your profile link on "Lovely -> About Lovely -> Acknowledgements"

Feel free to mail me (hi@engineerdraft.com).

# Feedback and Support

Give feedback: lovely@engineerdraft.com
Follow Lovely: Twitter (opens new window)